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DogsOnly Rescue needs your help.  There is a special need for foster homes, case workers, and event coordinators. 

Contact the DogsOnly volunteer coordinator.

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Thank You


Volunteer Opportunities with DogsOnly.

This is an all volunteer organization. Even a small donation of your time can mean a lot.

If you are interested in helping out in an area but don't have the skills, let us know and we'll find someone to teach you.

There are many times that having someone to run an errand, make a few phone calls or lend a hand for an hour or two means the difference between having enough resources to bring in another rescue or not.

Remember that it is the number of volunteers that limits our rescue efforts, not the number of dogs needing rescue - there are always others for which we don't have room or enough hands.

Volunteering is our way of showing how grateful we are for the love and enrichment that our own dogs have brought to us. So volunteer today - you know your dog would want you to!

Adoption Personnel for Events and Adoption Showing Days -
We always need people to talk to the folks who visit us and tell them about DogsOnly, discuss our policies, and talk about rescue dogs in general.

Home Evaluators Little Rock, North Little Rock and the Greater Pulaski County
Apprentices go with experienced Home Evaluators until they feel secure enough to handle evaluations on their own.

Foster Homes - Little Rock, North Little Rock and the Greater Pulaski County
If you have space and interest, DogsOnly can provide the supplies and guidance to become a foster. A volunteer can teach you the routine. This is a vital part of our program.

Time and Talent Volunteer -
Come and help with some of the more mundane tasks we face from time to time.  We need people who can build signs, type up biographies, and in general bring their talents and skills to the effort.

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