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Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Gallery

All of the dogs on this page are part of the The National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network(NASRN) program. NASRN is a non-profit, nationwide organization dedicated to placing any and all Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (ASDs) and their mixes that are deemed "adoptable".

NARN is comprised of ASD owners and both working and pet homes who have joined together in an effort to help homeless and displaced Anatolians find a new lease on life.

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The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a large and powerful dog, and as such is not suited for everyone. They were bred for hundreds, if not thousands of years in their native Turkey as livestock guardians for the flocks of semi-nomadic shepherds. Their natural foes included wolves, bears, and wild boar.

Livestock guarding dogs, in all parts of the Old World where they were bred, needed to be able to think and act quickly and independently to protect their flocks. This ability was highly valuable to the shepherds and therefore selected for. That same ability, coupled with his strength and size, makes the Anatolian unsuitable for the average pet household.

It takes experience and dedication to work with this independent breed, especially if the dog is to be a house guardian.

  Feature Friend


This big boy is about 120 pounds and he is 2 yo. pure bred neutered male Anatolian He is a gentle giant, loves to do that famous "Anatolian lean" when you pet him. He is good with female dogs, possibly male dogs if properly introduced, and loves to play with a canine companion. Bear loves people, adores belly rubs and and ear rubs too. As with all Anatolians he will need a secure fenced yard or acreage to keep him safely at home. This guy is in immediate need of a foster or adoptive home. He is currently in northern CA. The National Anatolian Rescue Network will assist with transport.

Bear is not available as a working LGD, companion homes only please.

To learn more about Bear click the links at the top or bottom of this page to fill out an online application or contact us at



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