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Injured dog's owners claim compensation
    from grocery store

Owners of a dog which allegedly injured itself grabbing a grocery store's advertising leaflets from their mailslot are claiming compensation.
Retired businessman Gordon Musselwhite says his six-year-old dachshund Muffin is still on painkillers after the incident in December 2001.
He and his wife Susan maintain Muffin injured himself leaping for Safeway leaflets delivered to the door of their home in Devon, England.
Mr Musselwhite said when they arrived home on the day of the incident, their pet was on the floor of the hallway paralysed from the shoulders down and could only drag himself along.
He added there were teeth marks on the leaflets protruding through the mailslot.
Mr Musselwhite said Muffin underwent surgery to have a disc removed and had to be taught to walk again.
The couple say they sent Safeway a video of Muffin after the operation. Mr Musselwhite claims there was no need for anyone to come up his drive to deliver the leaflets, as he had erected a mailbox by the front gate.
He is claiming 2,300 ($3,660 US) in vet's bills and legal expenses from Safeway. He said: "They do not even have to admit liability, just make an ex gratia payment."
He said he was considering taking legal action in the small claims court, and had the paperwork to do so.
A spokesman for Safeway said that as the matter was in the hands of its insurers he could not make any comment at this stage.
March, 2003

Pet behavior expert invents mood swing
A dog expert has invented a device, which can tell an animal's exact mood by measuring the wag of its tail.
Dr Roger Mugford says a dog's wag can indicate if it is happy, or angry and about to attack.
The device - dubbed the wagometer - goes on the dogs back with sensors attached to its tail.
Details such as the speed, direction and arc of the wag can then be analyzed to judge how the dog is feeling.
Dr Mugford, who runs the Animal Behavior Center in Chertsey, Surrey, said: "A happy dog tends to have a wide and horizontal wag. A very high tail that only wags at the tip indicates the dog is ready to attack.
"The tail is a very important signaling device to other dogs, and it emphasizes the importance of keeping the dog's tail and not having it docked."
Dr Mugford has worked with dogs for many years and retrained Princess Anne's bull terrier Dottie after it bit two boys. The center he founded in 1979 has become a leader in treatment of unwanted behavior in pets.
The wagometer will be launched at the Wag and Bone Show, an event taking place at Ascot Racecourse in August and organized by Britain's biggest dog welfare charities.
Dr Mugford says his device will help judges decide which dogs have the waggiest tail, and which is the happiest canine.

March, 2003

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Dogs blamed for car wrecking spree in
Two dogs have been blamed for vandalizing six cars in the center of Munich.
Witnesses said the two boxer-type dogs were walking through the city's Nymphenburg district on their own.
Without any apparent reason, they started attacking parked cars.
They bit at a Volkswagen bus until its bumper fell off, destroyed the wheel arch and mudguard on another car, then tore the number plates off a third vehicle.
In all, six cars were damaged, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reports.
Police found traces of dog spit and blood on the cars and suspect the animals injured themselves during the attacks.
Officers now plan to visit all dog owners in the Nymphenburg district to try and trace the c
February, 2003

German dogs to be fitted with 'license
Dogs in Germany are to be fitted with identification plates so passers-by can note down the details of pets that foul pavements and shop their owners to the police.
The man behind the pilot scheme in Frankfurt, litter official Peter Postleb, says the scheme will be expanded to other cities if it is a success.
He said: "If someone has a car accident and drives off then they run the risk someone will note down their number and they will get in big trouble.
"The same should apply to irresponsible dog owners whose try and escape after their dogs have fouled the walkways."
He said they had still not settled on the final design and shape of the canine number plates but added: "It will be clearly visible, and will encourage lazy dog walkers to pooper-scoop or face fines."
February, 2003

Woman breastfeeds abandoned puppy
A Bolivian woman has saved an abandoned one-week-old puppy by breastfeeding it.
She found the dog in a rubbish dump in the town of Cochabamba, reports the Los Tiempos newspaper.
The woman, who has a 14-month-old daughter, is calling the puppy Manchitas.
She said: "I will give the dog my milk until I can. When it sucks, the puppy behaves like a human baby, no difference at all. I think it's pretty natural."
February, 2003

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