Adoption Application

DogsOnly Dog Rescue charges an adoption fee for our dogs which helps to cover the cost of the dog's  spay/neuter, shots and medical care.  Your kind gift helps rescue another animal and is tax deductible.� Once you submit the form below, one of our caseworkers will call you within the next two days to go over the application and arrange for you to meet the dog.� You can also use this form if you are interested in fostering for us.� Simply put "foster" in the "Why do you want to adopt a dog" line.� Thanks for considering adoption through DogsOnly.

If you prefer you can print and mail an adoption application. Click here to print an application.

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  1. Please provide your contact information:

    State Zip
    Work Phone
    Home Phone
    Cell Phone
  2. Dogs name you are interested in

  3. Why do you want to adopt a dog?

  4. Who will be the dogs primary caretaker?

  5. Is there anyone at home who would be adversely affected by care of dgos (i.e. allergies)?

    Yes No

  6. Do you live in a:

  7. Do you:

  8. Landlord's name and phone?

  9. Do you have permission to have a dog?

  10. Do you have a fenced yard?

    Yes No

  11. Type and height of fence?

  12. Size of yard?

  13. Where will the dog be kept during the day?

  14. Where will the dog be kept at night?

  15. Will this be your first dog?

    Yes No

  16. List all other pets you have, if they have been altered, and if they are on heartworm prevention?

  17. Do your pets get along with other animals?

    Yes No

  18. If you have had pets in the last 5 years what became of them?

  19. Are ALL your pets up to date on vaccinations?

    Yes No

  20. May we contact your veterinarian?

    Yes No

  21. Please provide the name and phone number of your most recent veterinarian?

  22. Number of adults in home:

  23. Number of children in home:

  24. Do all members of the household want to adopt this dog?

    Yes No

  25. How long have you lived at your present location?

  26. Do you anticipate moving in the near future?

    Yes No

  27. Are you willing to make a commitment to this dog?

    Yes No

  28. Comments, questions, or additional information:

    Thank you


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