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Posted: 11:12:09 am on 3/8/2004 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black">"I just saw something so horrible" was what she said to me yesterday. When I asked what she was talking about, thinking in the back of my mind an injured or emergent animal situation. She replied, no, I just saw some one give their dog away for free, then she walked away as if she owed nothing to her dog other than to turn it over to anyone willing to take his leash. From the sounds of the people who took this poor dog, they are bunchers. Meeting in a parking lot and never seeing what kind of home your dog is going to live in should be a crime. A family truly interested in providing your dog a good home will have no problem with you visiting their home. Most of the time they welcome you and invite you to return to visit your dog just to see how happy a home they have provided. Unfortunately dogs are born with the closest number of chromosones to humans. Making them the largest animal target for research labs. Most people are totally unaware that bunchers exist and more or less have never even heard the slang term. They make a living out of taking our pets and selling them to research labs for a few dollars never thinking twice about what these poor companion pets suffer. I think most people are under the disallusion that research labs breed their own supply of animals or get them from the pound. This could not be further from the truth. Shelter dogs for the most part are at high risk of being sick. Research labs do not want sick or aggressive dogs. They want family pets that can be placed in painful and stressful  situations and not risk being bitten. They want dogs they do not have to provide expensive vet care for because they are sick. They want happy, healthy pets with no obligations. There are alot of good dogs in shelters, but you are obligated to sign contracts and alter pets, yet another expense research labs are unwilling to provide.  For the most part, dogs are obtained thru the free to good homes guise. Don't be fooled by a family with children, bunchers are known to use their own children to present a "nice" image to make $50 on a free dog. Under AR law, it is a felony called Theft by Deception if some one takes a dog from another person representing that it will be a family pet but the true life course for this dog is suffering needless experiments in a research lab. I encourage anyone who has a dog to contact dogsonly and request adoption assistance in placing your dog into an adoptive, loving home. As long as you are willing to foster your dog, <A href=""></A> will provide necessary vet care and adoption assistance at no cost to you. You took in your dog with the understanding that dogs live 10-15 years. It is not your dog's fault that your life has changed and you no longer wish to make the sacrifices of being a dog owner. If you cannot place your dog in a loving, adoptive home that is willing to pay an adoption fee, then please never own another dog in your life. If an adoptive family does not want to pay an adoption fee, how are they going to pay for food, vet care, heartworm preventative, etc. Please think these things through. Please make the decision to place your dog before it becomes an urgent situation and there is little time to work with. Research has shown that dogs obtained through Frre Ads, 50% end up in kill shelters and are euthanized. Dogs adopted through rescue for under $100, 41% end up in kill shelters. This does not include the dogs that end up in research labs, tied out on chains and are left abandoned because the new owners no longer wish to care for them. Please do not give your dog away for free. If your dog has been vetted, there is cost associated with this. You might have initially paid for your dog when you obtained it. Why would you want to give it away for free? Just think about it, people who are not willing to pay for a dog, will not give it a good home. It's just that simple. Yes, there are a few rare examples to this, I undertsand that. But what are the chances of you finding one of those few homes? Don't risk it, if you love your dog, do the right thing. Not what is easy and best for you. Your dog has no voice or choice in this, only YOU do!</font>
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Posted: 3:12:40 pm on 3/10/2004 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><P><FONT size=4>THIS IS A MUST READ FOR ANYONE CONSIDERING GIVING THEIR PET OR RESCUE DOG AWAY FOR FREE - CLICK LINK BELOW</FONT></P> <P><A href=""><FONT size=4></FONT></A></P></font>
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Posted: 8:52:05 pm on 1/2/2005 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><P>i am trying to find out if there is any sort of investigation at this time for bunchers in the craighead county area of arkansas.  several family pets have disappeared and bunchers are suspected. i am willing to follow up on any leads that you could give me. do you have any possible lab facilities that are known to purchase these animals or is there a listing of kennels where i could look for some of these missing dogs??? </P> <P>my pet is safe and sound, but my heart goes out to those who have lost theirs. please help me to help those who are searching for their "babies".</P> <P>angela dacus</P> <P></P></font>
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Posted: 11:50:00 pm on 1/2/2005 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black">C.C. Baird and his skanny, trailer trash family are the largest bunchers in Arkansas and are located in Williford, AR. The closest you can get to their sadastic place is too far away to see any dogs. This is because they will shoot at you or run you off because they know what they are doing is pure evil and wrong. Most of the dogs are sent out of state, most of the Arkansas stolen dogs are sent to Missouri. The research labs want family pets, not stray dogs. This is because family pets are loving, trusting, healthy and they can torture them without as much risk of being bitten or having an unhealthy dog. The general public is ignorant thinking they raise their own dogs for research or get them from shelters. The dogs in these research labs, including UAMS, Univeristy of Arkansas for Medical Science, are our stolen family pets. There are no laws prohibiting this. It is a felony to be in possession of a dog not legally yours but when kidnapped, dogs rarely are able to tell their story like a kidnapped child. Until the general public becomes more cognitive, this tragedy will continue at the expense of our beloved family pets. A white van was recently spotted in southern Illinois and also in AR. Alot of dogs have been stolen in the greater Little Rock area around all times of Christmas. You might check with the national group - Last Chance for Animals, they have a investigative division that follows scum who commit these types of acts. </font>
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  Waste Of Good Oxygen (Paul - Australia)
Posted: 4:01:06 am on 2/1/2007 Modified: 8:31:28 am on 2/2/2007
I'm just saw the HBO documentary on C C Baird's terrible treatment of animals.<BR>I HAVE TWO COMMENTS:<BR>Why has only Baird, his wife and two daughters been the only ones prosecuted? Why did those 'male creatures without brains' on the show get away free? I'm sure in the land of guns, there must be a spare bullet fro them.<BR>I was pleased that Baird's operation was shutdown and that a lot of the assets gained from his cruelty were seized but I AM APPALLED to discover Baird is out on probation. IT DISCUSTS ME TO KNOW HE IS OUT, BREATHING GOOD AIR THAT I'D PREFER A FAR MORE WORTHY DOG TO HAVE. What a waste of good oxygen!<BR>I mean no offence to the many fine 'Southern Americans', but C C Baird demonstrates so well, where the ugly image of the IGNORANT, GUN CRAZY, RED NECK comes from. I was not at all surprised to find that he was a church minister; it just made the picture so complete!<BR>MESAGE TO THE 'C C BAIRD' FAMILY- EMPLOYEES:<BR>Remember that table out back, where you slaughtered and removed organs from those dogs? Why on earth did you not perform a DIY brain transplant on yourselves? It would have elevated you to the point that you might actually beable to pass a human beings...<BR>
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