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  urinating indoors (Dawn)
Posted: 6:38:36 pm on 8/23/2007 Modified: Never
I have a 3 yr old male maltese that continues to urinate indoors at times. He has been neutered. He does this when my husband and I are gone. He is not alone as we have a 3 year old female maltese also.<BR>any suggestions.
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  Re: urinating indoors (Potty Notty)
Posted: 7:56:22 pm on 8/23/2007 Modified: Never
How long are you gone? A Maltese, like most smaller dogs, is not going to be able to hold their bladder for a very long time. Contrary to popular belief, neutering is not a solution to urinating in the house, although there are numerous good reasons to neuter or spay your dog. However, neutering will eventually reduce or eliminate territorial marking. Marking and urination in the house are considered to be two separate behaviors. Do not expect neutering to reduce or eliminate marking immediately. It can take months for a noticeable improvement. Your post suggests that your Maltese only urinates while you are gone from the house. There could be any number or reasons why this is the case. It could be that when you are gone, he is marking and exhibiting some dominance around your female. When you are home, you are the most senior pack member present, and he is not *as* driven to express dominance. Try to determine if he is simply emptying a full bladder or marking. It will determine the best approach. Either way, you should consider crating him while you are gone. Make sure you provide something to chew on and perhaps a squeaky toy for him in the crate. Leave something with your female also. Dogs are naturally very clean, and usually prefer not to live in a messy environment. Take him out to a familiar outdoor area to use the bathroom right before you leave, and take away his water perhaps a hour or so before he has to go in his crate. If you do not want to crate, you should at least limit him to a small room or area that can easily be cleaned. As soon as you return, take him straight outside. When you are at home, you should make sure that you take him outside frequently and consistently to the same bathroom area. Reward him with positive verbal accolades when he does the business. Wait until AFTER he has taken care of business to play. Be patient, and eliminate distractions while you are asking him to urinate. Stand in the same spot, so he will know you are in charge and looking out for him. Be patient, stay positive, and eventually you can pat yourself on the back for being a great dog trainer.
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