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  Advantix - Don't use it! (mpottorff)
Posted: 2:35:54 pm on 7/19/2007 Modified: 2:37:11 pm on 7/19/2007
I have a 7 year old WARNING This is a spammers message. You should NOT click or respond. It will be removed shortly.apoo who is my second child, gave her Advantix yesterday at the recommendation of PetSmart and she went crazy -- couldn't sit still for three seconds. She cried, her heart raced, her nose was warm. Called the vet at 1 a.m. and he said its bad stuff and do bring her in if she developed siezures. The average person wouldn't treat their kids this way, why is it ok for our dogs? I called Bayer and they hadn't ever really heard of it and said it was a just a sensation she was having -- like they are really going to admit guilt anyways! PLEASE, if you love you animal, do not use this product!!!
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