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  Diamond Pet Food Recall - Dog deaths (Guest)
Posted: 11:23:50 pm on 12/31/2005 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black">ACROSS THE NATION<BR> <H1>Tainted food kills 23 dogs, sickens 18</H1><BR><FONT id=byline>Items compiled from Tribune news services</FONT><BR><FONT id=date>Published December 31, 2005</FONT><BR><BR> <DIV id=watermark><FONT id=text>WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Contaminated dog food sold in 23 states killed nearly two dozen dogs and sickened 18 more, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday.<BR><BR>The 23 deaths and 18 illnesses sparked an FDA investigation into the pet food made by the Diamond Pet Food Company at its Gaston, S.C., plant.<BR><BR>The company recalled 19 varieties of dog and cat food on Dec. 21 because some of the pet food made at the Gaston facility was discovered to contain aflatoxin, a chemical that comes from a fungus sometimes found on corn and other crops. It can cause severe liver damage.<BR><BR>The recalled pet food was sold in 23 states, including Michigan and Ohio but not Illinois.</FONT></DIV></font>
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