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Posted: 10:07:19 pm on 3/23/2007 Modified: Never
Cujo was picked up by a woman around war memorial supposedly she has curly hair early 50s and prettty for her age. I was contacted by a woman who saw her with cujo at Premium Pet Products, she gave him a bath there and is looking for a home for him. She is also calling him a Saint Bernard. If anyone knows anything at all about this woman or think they might know something please let me know. He has been gone since Feb 17th and we are desparate to get him back. He is greatly missed. I've also heard that she has put up flyers in her neighborhood where she thinks he's from so she may live near war memorial. Just a reminder Cujo is longhaired white and tan, there is a picture of him on the DogsOnly homepage. We are offering a reward. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help. You can reply or call 501-554-0904
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