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  Pasado/Hanson/Katrina dogs at risk Part 2 (Guest)
Posted: 12:43:58 am on 10/24/2005 Modified: Never
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><FONT face="Courier New">Because we are committed to the life-long, well-being of each animal that we and other organizations rescued during the Katrina disaster, we were concerned about rumors that local groups near to Ms. Hanson had circulated about her. To further assure we were placing animals in a qualified, caring environment, two volunteers, assisting at our Raceland veterinary triage center, traveled to visit Ms. Hanson's facility. They were welcomed by her to tour the facility and they returned to Raceland, LA with nothing but good things to say about Tammy, the facility, and the condition of the animals themselves. To confirm that the animals that we would transfer continued to be kept in good condition, we arranged for one of our volunteers to visit Ms. Hanson's facility next week. <BR><BR>Dr. Snodgrass, the veterinarian that Sheriff Montgomery chose to assist in the seizure of the animals from Tammy Hanson stated they were all vicious animals. That they tried to "bite the hands of those trying to give them food or water". The dogs transferred by PasadoRescue to Ms. Hanson were photographed and videotaped at our Raceland facility being walked by volunteers several times a day, fed by hand, and hugged. The hundreds of volunteers who assisted PasadoRescue have absolutely no motive other than care and concern to help these animals. Several of these organizations sent certified dog trainers down to assist us with the "more aggressive" dogs, not all of which were pit bulls. Not one of the dog trainers said that any one of the animals was not "retrainable". In fact, several of the dogs are being rehabbed by one of the trainers in AR. This is evidence that will be very difficult for the sheriff to dispute if he should chose to kill these animals based on their "aggression"<BR><BR>Furthermore, Dr. Snodgrass noted that these animals were brought into the State of Arkansas illegally, without veterinarian inspection. This is not true. All of the animals PasadoRescue transferred to Ms. Hanson had a complete and thorough examination by a veterinarian. There are veterinary medical documents on every animal, dated and signed by a licensed veterinarian. <BR><BR></FONT><B><FONT face="Courier New">If, for any reason, it is proven that Ms. Hanson is indeed not caring for these animals, we will be the first to support charges of animal neglect. But we will not accept lies that are developed by Dr. Snodgrass or the sheriff regarding the behavior/temperament of the animals to support their case or the statement that these animals were not examined by a veterinarian. And above all, these animals are property of Louisiana residents and should <U>not</U> be euthanized under any circumstances.<BR><BR>Emma Devailier, the Louisiana State Assistant Attorney General who has been leading the investigation with Pasado's Safe Haven into the St. Bernard pet shootings, has been contacted to act on behalf of the owners of the pets Sheriff Montgomery threatens to kill.<BR><BR>Lastly, Pasado's Safe Haven will do all it can to assist the owners of these pets to pursue civil judgments against Baxter County, Arkansas, Dr. Snodgrass, and all parties involved in euthanizing these animals.<BR></FONT></B><FONT face=Arial><BR></FONT><FONT face="Courier New"><B>We are now preparing signed affidavits from individuals referred to above, as well as videotapes and photographs should litigation be necessary. <BR></B></FONT><FONT face=Arial><BR> <BR>For the animals,<BR>Susan Michaels<BR>Co-Founder, Pasado's Safe Haven<BR> <A href=""><></A> </FONT></font>
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