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Zack is a 1 year old Weimaraner Labrador Retriever mix who’s not as demure as his pictures would have you think. Zack has had a hard life. Tied to the end of a rope, and forgotten in the dust and tangled weeds of a back yard, Zack’s occasional highlight has been a filthy bowl of stale dog food and fresh water only when it rains.


Fortunately for Zack, his owner’s landlords have a conscience, and they were not going to ignore Zack’s plight. A deal was made, and Zack’s legal owners have agreed to release him into rescue. All Zack needs now is for someone to see his potential, and be willing to give him a second chance.

Zack is about 1 year old and gets along with other dogs,adores people, and is ready to share oodles of love.

Zack is an independent rescue supported by DogsOnly, so he will not be available to meet every Saturday except for holiday weekends at the DogsOnly adoption showing at Petco on Chenal Parkway across from Target and Home Depot.

To learn more about Zack you can send an email directly to his owner at or complete an online adoption application by clicking the orange colored links at the top or bottom of this page.

We always try and answer all emails within 24 hours. All of our young and adult dogs require a 2 week home visit before finalizing the adoption process. This is to help ensure it is a good match for all involved without making a final commitment. An adoption fee is charged for Zack ’s adoption. Puppies are not available to go on home visits. All of our rescues are in private homes and not available to be visited outside of showing times.

Please don’t be tempted to adopt Zack on an impulse. You should take the time to carefully consider the long term commitment, expense, and passion it takes to give him the home that he deserves, especially after everything he's been through. He’ll reward you with unbounded love and devotion, but you must be committed and serious about your decision to bring him into your life. Remember, this is an adoption, not a sale, and we’re very serious about making sure that both you and Zack are a good match for each other.

All DogsOnly foster homes work with our rescues to ensure they are crate trained and most are also housetrained. Few of the DogsOnly fosters have cats in their homes so we can only make our best guess as to how our rescues would do with cats. We rescue from high kill shelters and once accepted into our program, none of our rescues are euthanized. We provide for all their vet care, socialization and training until an appropriate home can be found.

DogsOnly relies solely on donations and is a 501(c)3 Humane Society. Our mission is to rescue dogs that most other groups are not interested in due to their size, breed, age, health or other various reasons, and to provide education resources for dog owners and those with an interest in the wellbeing of dogs. DogsOnly believes that no dog should be left behind.

Thank you for your interest in rescue and in saving the life of a dog. Every day in the United States, 11,000 dogs die.

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If you don't find that special companion you are looking for in the DogsOnly rescue, rehabilitation, and re-home program then please visit Little Rock Animal Services, North Little Rock Animal Services, Sherwood Humane Animal Services, or one of the many other central Arkansas rescue organizations to save a rescued canine companion.


To learn more about adopting Zack please click here to read the
terms and conditions, and fill out an online application.
  After you have submitted your application you will be
 contacted by his adoption counselor.

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